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Backing teams
building in web3
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We work with technical founding teams who are building the picks-and-shovels for web3
Anand Iyer
Anand is the Founder of Canonical, an early stage fund investing in web3 & crypto infrastructure.
Prior to starting Canonical, Anand was a Visiting Partner at Pear where he focused on their crypto investments. Anand has been based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has a strong track record of building and scaling companies. Learn more at
Hear from our founders
Who were not bribed or coerced in anyway to say these nice things
“Anand has been our biggest advocate starting from day one. He has helped us think through tough product decisions, activated his network for us, and been all-around an incredible mentor and investor—Anand has been vital in our journey starting Formfunction!”
Katherine Liu
“Anand’s one of the most helpful investors we’ve gotten to work with, and is always there with the most thoughtful & sage advice when needed.”
Matt Alston
“Most investors will just go quiet after their investments unless we reach out. For Anand, it is the other way around, he will seek out to help Mercurial actively, whether it is a good intro and a good interesting find in the crypto space. A+ :)”
Siong Ong
“@ai is most helpful $! Need to close a critical hire, get feedback on incentive design, or help w/ shaping your round? @ai has got your back”
Osama Khan